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This is truly the best Play Dough recipe ever. It’s been in my family for nearly 40 years, and got me through my childhood crafting. Naturally, this recipe was hauled out again when my kids were little and gave them hours and hours of fun. It’s super easy to make, and really lasts if you store it in an airtight container.

With Christmas around the corner, I thought I’d do a little Christmas twist on my batch, as it seemed the perfect opportunity to make some cute Christmas decorations. So, if you’re stuck for some kids crafting ideas for the December holidays, why not let them create some special Christmas tree decorations for you! So without delay, here is the best Play Dough recipe EVER!

Best Play Dough Recipe

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Prep Time: 20 minutes

Yield: +/- 750g


1½ cups boiling water
½ cup salt
1 Tbsp Alum (available from Pharmacies)
1 Tbsp Vaseline
2 cups flour


Place the boiling water, salt, Alum and Vaseline in a heavy base pot on the stove, on a medium heat. Boil together while stirring until the ingredients have dissolved. TIP: Make sure that the salt and Alum dissolve completely, otherwise there will be small grains in your play dough when you’ve made it.

If you want to make one batch of colour, add your colourant at this stage. It makes it a whole lot easier on your arms than mixing it in when it’s in dough form. It’s up to you, and how much you want to make… so that decision will be yours! TIP: If you’re using liquid colourant, use around 1/8 to 1/4 bottle. 

Remove the pot from the heat and sift in the flour. Beat with an electric mixer until it becomes a smooth dough.

If you chose to add the colourant at this stage, kneed it into the dough. You can use powdered colourant too, just add a little extra Vaseline on your hands before you kneed it into the dough.

Voila… perfect play dough for your little one to craft with. Enjoy!



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