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If you’re like me and enjoy going to town with your Christmas lunch table décor, you are sure to love these DIY Christmas ice baubles. My daughter and I actually came up with this idea together (sometimes I think we share a brain)

We had seen some regular ice cubes filled with roses on Pinterest, but wanted to take the idea a little further for the Christmas season. Out of no-where my son Joel came into the kitchen with some water balloons and Abigail and I looked at each other, and we instantly knew what the other was thinking. 

And so the idea was born, DIY Christmas ice baubles. We tried it and it was a win… so here’s how it’s done! 

DIY Christmas Ice Baubles Made Easy 

Prep Time: 2 minutes per ice bauble + freezing time

What You’ll Need:

small decorations of your choice (able to fit inside a water balloon)
water balloons


Place your chosen decorations into an un-filled water balloon. Because water balloons are rather small, be careful when putting your decorations inside the balloon that they don’t make any holes. I blew my balloons up before putting the decorations inside (it made them a bit more stretchy). I used miniature rose buds and some small red plastic berries inside my balloons.
As a side note: I attempted using glitter in the second batch I made, but it really doesn’t work! The glitter settles to one side when freezing and it doesn’t look all that great (just incase you wanted to try that).

Fill the water balloons with water (to the desired size you want). You can choose to fill them all the same size or make them different sizes, it’s up to you.

Place the filled balloons into your freezer. Leave them to freeze solid and then remove the water balloon from the Christmas ice bauble. Ta-da… so beautiful.

Perfect DIY Christmas ice baubles for you to use in your ice bucket or in a glass vase on your Christmas lunch table come Christmas day! 



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