If you’ve clicked here, you probably want to get to know me a little better. As hard as these “about the author pages” are to write, I’ll try my best, and hopefully you’ll like what I do enough to stick around!

I love creating. From arts & crafts, to baking wonderful cakes – these are the things that take me to my happy place (besides my family of course). I’ve always been creative, and this has become my new creative outlet.

My career to date

I studied BPrimEd (foundation phase teaching) and became a medical rep (talk about a career change). But lucky for me, that’s how I met my amazing husband and had three super cool kiddo’s. In-between all of that, I delved into property for a few years and then became a stay-at-home mom.

Then like a bomb, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer… YES, that big C word! Thankfully I got through it pretty easily, but one thing I can say about cancer is that it really makes you re-evaluate your life. So with that, I started baking as a profession. It became my creative outlet.

I threw myself into it. Luckily, I was armed with an arsenal of fantastic recipe’s (which I had developed & perfected through the years), and the talent and patience to get me through creating the most amazing, weird & wonderful cakes.

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I got really busy, working mostly 7 day weeks and clocking around 75+ hours… it was crazy, but I loved it! Then (as my bad luck would have it) and some crappy genetics, I went into health meltdown with an autoimmune disease… no wonder really with the way I was working, but that’s life. After a lot of consideration and fighting back & forth with myself, I decided to “close up shop”. It’s been a hard journey, but I’ve realized that everything happens for a reason.

So here I am, creating again, but in a different way. I hope you’ll love this website and my new creative space. It’s filled with my tried and tested recipes & new YouTube Baking Vlog, free kids school worksheets, fun crafts, and free printable’s to make planning parties a breeze. As I share this with you, I hope that you’ll share it with other’s too, and together we can make a network of worldwide supermoms to kick butt!

A couple of thanks I must mention before I end this off

To my amazing family, I love you guys so much and your support means more to me than I could ever express.

To my friends & clients, thank you for pushing me to do this. I really could not have done this without your constant nagging (meant in the nicest of ways), you guys are awesome!

To my dear friend Ann, thanks for all your photography advice, I couldn’t have managed without your input.

And to you, reading this… thanks for being on my site.

Happy baking, making. and creating!

With love,


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