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If you’ve read my FREE Printable Gift Tags post, here are the instructions for making the DIY Christmas Paper Flowers that finish that Christmas gift wrapping idea off. These paper flowers are really easy to make and can be used on any gift to jazz it up a little, so it’s a nice skill to acquire! 

My daughter actually taught me how to make them. I’m very thankful for a 14 year old who loves Pinterest… she’s very helpful in blog posts such as these! They say sharing is caring, so here it goes…

Easy DIY Christmas Paper Flowers

Prep Time: 2 minutes

What You’ll Need:

red, white & gold tissue paper/crepe paper
a pen or pencil


Cut a square block from the tissue paper/crepe paper using a pair of scissors. For my flowers, I went according to the fold lines on the tissue paper/crepe paper. In other words, for the larger flowers I made a square by following the 3rd fold line. I folded the corner over to make a triangle and cut along the end making a perfect square… much simpler than having to measure it out! For the medium flowers I went according to the 2nd fold line, and for the smaller flowers I went according to the 1st fold line.

Once you’ve cut out the square (it should still be folded like a triangle), fold it over 4 more times. In other words, your square should be folded a total of 5 times.

Now use your pen or pencil to draw a semi-circle on the triangle (as shown in the picture for this post). It should look almost like an ice-cream cone.

Cut along the line. Open up the triangles, and you should have 4 flower cut-out’s.

Lay the flower cut-out’s on top of each other. Push your finger into the center of the flower cut-out’s and use your other hand to pinch it together tightly.

Shift the petals into place to make it look like a perfect flower.

Ta-da… DIY Christmas paper flowers made easy to finish off your gifts!



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