Christmas Handprint Wreath Memento

Christmas Handprint Wreath Memento -
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This idea is really cute. I love special keepsakes made by my kids, and this Christmas handprint wreath memento is just perfect!    

When my kids were in pre-primary, they would often come home with cute little Christmas decorations they had made at school. I loved that time, it was so special. Now they’re all in high school and those cute days are over.

So this year, I decided to be a little sneaky and roped them into making this handprint wreath memento so that I could photograph it for my post… haha… moms can be really clever… now I have this special keepsake forever! If you’re like me and love special mementos, this is how it’s made…

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Christmas Paper Crafts For Kids

A quick instruction video on how to make this handprint wreath memento, and 2 other great ideas too. Follow along and let’s craft together!

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Making This Christmas Handprint Wreath Memento

Prep Time: 30 minutes

What You’ll Need:

light green cardboard
dark green cardboard
red cardboard

ribbon of your choice

Printing & Assembly Instructions:

Using the light and dark green cardboard, trace your kids handprints onto the cardboard using a pencil. The amount of handprints you’ll need to trace will be dependent on your kids hand size, so there’s no exact science… you’ll need to see how many you need as you go along. Also remember to write their name on the back of the handprint if their hands are close in size. That way you’ll always remember who’s is who’s! 

Cut out the handprints using a pair of scissors.

Print The Supermoms Club Christmas Handprint Wreath Memento Template (PDF) on green cardboard, cut it out, and glue the handprints around the circle. 

Cut six 2,5cm diameter circles from the red cardboard and glue them around the wreath (you could add more if you like, it’s up to you).

Cut a slit though the top of the wreath that is big enough for your ribbon to slide through.

Thread your ribbon through the slit, and tie a bow at the top or bottom (whichever you prefer) so that the wreath can hang on a door. I tied my ribbon at the bottom and used two different ribbons to add some colour variation… so be creative!

And lastly, add the date on the back of the wreath. That way you’ll always remember when it was made!

Have fun making your handprint wreath memento and creating special memories!

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Have A Wonderful Holiday Season!



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Christmas Paper Crafts For Kids
Christmas Paper Crafts For Kids

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