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Princess Themed Baby Shower FREE PRINTABLE'S - The Supermoms Club
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Everything You Need For This Baby Shower + FREE PRINTABLE’S!

Planning a baby shower is always special, whether you’re planning it for yourself, a close friend or a family member, it’s always an exciting time. To help you plan your way to a stress free event, I’ve designed this Princess Themed Baby Shower (with all the trim & FREE PRINTABLE’S) to make your special day a little easier.

Princess Themed Baby Shower Ideas

The Invites

Although many people are texting invites these days, I still prefer the good old fashioned route of giving out invites. If you do too, then you’ll love The Supermoms Club Princess Themed Baby Shower Invites (PDF) which can be printed on white cardboard or paper. All you have to do is hit print, cut them out and fill out the baby shower details… invites sorted!

Princess Themed Baby Shower FREE PRINTABLE Invites - The Super Moms Club
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The Cupcakes

Themed cakes and cupcakes can cost a whole lot. If you’re looking to reduce your spend, baking the cupcakes yourself is a great way to trim the budget. Yes, baking them yourself can be a challenge, but The Supermoms Club Vanilla Cupcake Recipe is super easy and has a step by step guide to help you through (for those of you who are baking challenged). To glam-the-cupcakes-up princess style, you can print The Supermoms Club Princess Themed Baby Shower Cupcake Toppers (PDF), cut them out, glue them to a toothpick or lollipop sticks and pop them into the cupcake. Voila – princess themed cupcakes sorted!

Princess Themed Baby Shower FREE PRINTABLE Cupcake Toppers - The Super Moms Club
© The Supermoms Club

Party Favours

The type of party favours you’ll give to your guests will be very dependent on what you’re willing to spend. These thank-you tags can be attached to just about anything, and they’re a nice way to thank your guests while tying in the princess theme. Simply print The Supermoms Club Princess Themed Baby Shower Favour Tags (PDF), cut them out, punch a whole in them and attach them to your party favours using a pink ribbon. I used pink sweets in cellophane bags for my party favours, and they look a treat!

If you’d like to add themed cooldrink bottles, The Supermoms Club Princess Themed Baby Shower Cooldrink Labels (PDF) are perfect for any plastic cooldrink or water bottle. Once you’ve printed them, cut them out and secure them to the bottles using glue or double sided tape.

Princess Themed Baby Shower FREE PRINTABLE Favour Tags - The Super Moms Club
© The Supermoms Club

Decorating Ideas

Whether your baby shower is being held at home or at a special venue, simple decorating can go a long way to tie your theme together. Decorating the tables with flowers and helium balloons to match your colour palate is sure to bring any room alive, and create both depth & height as they fill the space.

A welcome banner also adds a nice touch. This easy to print The Supermoms Club Welcome Baby Girl Banner (PDF) can spruce up any wall. Simply print it on white paper, cut it out and attach it to some string or ribbon by folding the marked area over and gluing it down. This banner is roughly 4m long.

Lastly, place your princess themed party favours & cupcakes at each place setting or on a small table. It’s a great way of making a statement with your princess theme. To finish it off, you can print The Supermoms Club It’s A Girl Banner (PDF) and attach it to the eats table with some string or ribbon once you’ve cut it out. This banner is roughly 1m long.

Baby Shower Activities & Games

If you want to keep your guests entertained, here’s a list of some fun activities and games that are bound to keep the laughter flowing!

Guess the nursery rhyme:

See how well the mom-to-be knows her nursery rhymes with The Supermoms Club Guess The Nursery Rhyme Game (PDF). For every incorrect answer, the mom-to-be must pay a penalty. Some fun penalty ideas are: suck a dummy/pacifier, do the baby-belly-dance, perform a mommy task on a baby doll (change diaper, burp, feed, etc.) or sing the incorrectly guessed nursery rhyme.

Guess the belly measurement:

Each guest can fill out their measurement guess on The Supermoms Club Belly Measurement Guess Sheet (PDF). Measure the mom-to-be’s belly, and the correct guess wins a small prize.

Baby Princess Plates:

Each guest is given a paper plate and a marker/pen. Everyone must draw a picture of a baby princess (crown included) while the plate is placed on top of their head… not such an easy task and many drawings are sure to cause a stir of laughter! The best draw picture wins a small prize.

Gift register:

Write down what is said after each gift is opened as a keepsake for the mom-to-be with The Supermoms Club Gift Register Sheet (PDF). For a fun take on the list, you can read back what was said under the guise that it was said on the night of conception… this one always gets the laughter flowing!

Have a special day & happy princess themed baby shower planning!



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