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If you’re teaching your little one their abc’s, then these FREE printable alphabet flashcards will be a great tool for you.

Learning the alphabet is an important step in any child’s life, but mastering what the letters look like is a whole new challenge. Flashcards are a great aid to help them in their journey of abc discovery. I love using them because there are so many creative ways they can be used to make learning a fun experience (which it should always be). Flashcards are also great because you can change their order everyday (by shuffling them) which ensures your child is not just repeating the abc song as you flash away!

As I mentioned a moment ago, there are many creative ways to use flashcards… so let’s get onto some of those!

Creative ways to use these FREE printable alphabet flashcards

  • Play the Memory Game / Pairs by printing 2 sets of the flashcards. As you play, say the letters aloud when turning them over. Because my FREE printable alphabet flashcards contain 3 sets of letters (uppercase, lowercase & both), pick one set and print it twice which will make a game of 26 pairs to match.
  • Match the pairs of uppercase and lowercase letters together by using the sets of uppercase and lowercase flashcards. They must match all 26 pairs.
  • Match the letter to the alphabet chart by printing an extra copy of my FREE printable alphabet flashcards. Leave the extra copy whole (uncut) and let your child place the flashcard over the letter. Use one set at a time (either uppercase, lowercase or both) so that they are matching 26 letters per game.
  • Say the Letterland character and letter when showing the flashcard. If you aren’t familiar with Letterland, it’s a great learning tool for kids. You can check it out from this link and learn their character names.
  • Say a word that begins with the letter shown. For example: c is for cat. Then they can make a sentence with the word for example: the cat sat on the mat.

FREE printable alphabet flashcards (PDF)

You can print this set of 3 FREE printable alphabet flashcards (uppercase, lowercase & both) on paper or cardboard of your choice. Use bright colours, and print each set on a different colour. Cut the flashcards out along the dotted cutting line, and voila… it’s as easy as that!

Have fun and enjoy every second of your little one’s journey of learning & developing!



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