Free Printable Number Chart & Finger Puppet

FREE Printable Number Chart & Finger Puppet
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If your little one is just starting their big school adventure, you are going to become very familiar with a number chart and counting bunny hops! So to make your life a little easier, I’ve designed this FREE printable number chart & bunny finger puppet just for you!

A number chart is actually a very important tool for children learning to count. It gives meaning to numbers, and helps them understand number placement as a whole.

When our kids are little, we tend to teach them to count as quickly as possible (learning it like a parrot). We often don’t provide the concrete evidence of what those numbers look like in the written form, and what they mean.

A number chart suddenly gives them the meaning they need to understand numbers as a whole, what they look like and how they are ordered.

How to use this FREE printable number chart

The chart is really simple to use, and should be used on a daily basis until your child is completely familiar with numbers. I have also designed a free printable bunny finger puppet (which is a really cute add-on) that will make learning to count that much more fun!

Once you’ve printed the number chart & puppet, let the fun begin! Start at 1 and count the bunny hops all the way to 100. It is important that your child uses their index finger and points at each number while saying it. This helps them to recognize what each number looks like.

FREE printable number chart & bunny finger puppet (PDF Files)

I hope this free printable number chart and bunny finger puppet will be a great help to your little one, and that one day they will become great mathematicians… it always starts somewhere! Enjoy counting bunny hops!



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