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If you’re teaching your little one their a,b,c’s, then this FREE traceable alphabet chart should really come in handy!

Learning to write is a skill. For some kiddo’s it comes easy, while for others holding their pencil correctly is a challenge. So whichever your child is, why not aid them in their a,b,c’s journey from the start with this traceble alphabet chart.

It helps with not only seeing the letters in their correct form, but also gives them the confidence to write them without making any mistakes first time round. This confidence goes a long way, until one day they’ll be writing unaided (a happy day for any mommy)!

So, let’s get onto how it’s used…

How to use this FREE traceable alphabet chart

The chart is really simple to use, and should be used on a daily basis until your child is completely familiar with writing the letters of the alphabet. For the first week or two, sit with your child while they are tracing over the letters, guiding them on how to do it. Sitting next to them is best as this gives you a better perspective of how they are writing… you don’t want them learning to write O’s anticlockwise! Also, help them to hold their pencil correctly. It may be uncomfortable for them, but keep at it! Once they have the hang of it, you can let them do it by themselves.

Some printing tips: To save on paper, you could print this free traceable alphabet chart on cardboard and laminate it. That way you don’t need to print hundreds of sheets. You can let your child use a small tip marker to trace over the letters, but make sure the marker is the size of a pencil (otherwise it will be difficult to trace).

FREE traceable alphabet chart (PDF File)

I hope this free traceable alphabet chart will be a great help to your little one, happy writing!



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