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FREE Traceable Number Chart -
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Wow… the start of the school year is always busy, but luckily life seems to normalize after the first week is done and dusted… so here’s to hoping! With that said, I should have a bit more time on my hands to design some more teaching aids, so let’s get onto it with this FREE traceable number chart…

This is a very basic number chart and runs though numbers 1 to 10. Of course, all numbers are made up with these, so once your little one has mastered writing them, the rest will follow naturally.

How to use this FREE traceable number chart

Although this chart is really easy to trace over, learning to write is actually a skill your little one will need to acquire. It’s advisable that you watch over them at first to ensure they are writing the numbers in the correct way, and that they hold their pencil correctly. Once they have the hang of it, you can let them do it by themselves.

To save on paper, you could print this free traceable number chart on cardboard and laminate it. That way you don’t need to print hundreds of sheets. You can let your child use a small tip marker to trace over the letters, but make sure the marker is the size of a pencil (otherwise it will be difficult to trace).

FREE traceable number chart (PDF File)

I hope this free traceable number chart will be a great help to your little one, happy number writing!



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