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Ooooh I just love these reindeer noses & droppings tags. I’ve been making them for quite a number of years now, and this idea never gets old. It’s kind of become a Christmas tradition in our house, and the kids just love them. So if you’re looking for a super cute stocking filler idea, this one’s perfect! I’ve also made it super easy for you with my FREE printable tags, and guaranteed, you’ll have them made in under 5 minutes! So here’s how it’s done…

Reindeer Noses & Droppings Tags

Prep Time: 5 minutes

What You’ll Need For The Noses:

1 glass or plastic jar
chocolate Whispers or Malts
1 red Jawbreaker
ribbon of your choice
FREE printable provided below

What You’ll Need For The Droppings:

cellophane bags
chocolate Tumbles (any type you like)
ribbon of your choice
paper punch
FREE printable provided below


Fill your glass or plastic jar, or cellophane bags with the chocolates (as mentioned above). When filling the jar for the reindeer noses, place the single red Jawbreaker so that it’s visible from the outside… Rudolf’s nose must take center stage!

Print The Supermoms Club FREE Printable Reindeer Noses Tags (PDF) and The Supermoms Club FREE Printable Reindeer Droppings Tags (PDF) on white paper or cardboard, and cut out 1 tag per treat you will make (each sheet contains 8 tags).

For The Noses: Glue the tag to the outside of the jar. Place a ribbon around the top of the jar and it’s good to go!

For The Droppings: Punch a hole through the top of the tag and attach it to the cellophane bag using some ribbon… it’s done!

And that’s it… Christmas stocking fillers made easy with these reindeer noses & droppings tags!



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