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Everything You Need For This Party + FREE PRINTABLE’S!

Yeehaw, it’s cowboy party time! I just love this theme for a little boy. If you do too, then you’ll love The Supermoms Club awesome cowboy themed birthday party ideas & FREE PRINTABLE’S for your little one… and hopefully they’ll make your job that much easier in planning the party!


Cowboy Themed Birthday Party Ideas

The Invites

Although many people are texting invites these days, I still prefer the good old fashioned route of giving them out. Little one’s love that too, it always makes them feel special! Simply print The Supermoms Club Cowboy Themed Birthday Party Invites (PDF) on white cardboard or paper, cut them out and fill out the party details… cowboy invites sorted! If you’d like to add the age your son is turning, print The Supermoms Club Cowboy Themed Birthday Party Invite Age Tags (PDF) which can be cut out and overlaid on the invite using some glue or double sided tape.

Cowboy Themed Birthday Party FREE PRINTABLE Invites - The Super Moms Club
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The Cupcakes

Themed cakes and cupcakes are always a treat, but they can be really pricey these days. If you’re looking to trim your budget, baking them yourself is a great option. The Supermoms Club Vanilla Cupcake Recipe is super easy and has a step by step guide to help you through (especially if you find baking a challenge). To theme them out cowboy style, print The Supermoms Club Cowboy Themed Birthday Party Cupcake Toppers (PDF). Once you’ve cut them out, simply glue them to a toothpick or lollipop sticks and pop them into the cupcakes. Voila – cowboy themed cupcakes sorted!

If you’d like to make a treats table (like the one I made for this party), you can print The Supermoms Club Party Treats Banner (PDF) and attach it to the table using some string or ribbon once you’ve cut it out. This banner is roughly 1m long.

Cowboy Themed Birthday Party FREE PRINTABLE Cupcake Toppers - The Super Moms Club
© The Supermoms Club

Party Favours

I love creating party favours. When my kids were younger, it was always my favourite thing to make for their parties. They’re a little older now, and I don’t get to do it as much… no guesses as to why I’ve made this website! So while your kids are little (and you’re able to make all these wonderful things for them), do it! Time flies by so quickly, and before you know it, they’ll be teens!

For a cowboy themed birthday party, the sky is the limit. There are loads of great things you can create to theme it up. Loot bags are perfect for this theme. Whether you use fabric for the bags or paper bags, fill them with sweet treats & chocolate coins, and they’re sure to be a hit! You can also use the “grab the loot” Cupcake Toppers as party favour tags. Simply punch a hole in them and attach to the party favours using a ribbon or some string, or you can glue them to paper bags filled with sweet treats (like I did).

Cowboys also need a good drink to quench their thirst! The Supermoms Club Cowboy Themed Birthday Party Cooldrink Labels (PDF) are perfect for any plastic cooldrink or water bottle. Once you’ve printed them, cut them out and secure them to the bottles using glue or double sided tape.

Cowboy Themed Birthday Party FREE PRINTABLE Favour Tags - The Super Moms Club
© The Supermoms Club

Cowboy Themed Birthday Party Games & Activities

Here are a few fun activities and games for a cowboy themed birthday party that are sure to keep the kids entertained for hours…

Find the loot:

Hide the loot bags in a secret location in your garden and give the little one’s some clues as to it’s location… let the hunt begin!

Pin the badge on the sheriff:

Print 2 copies of a sheriff (with a badge) and cut out the badge from one of the copies. Put the picture on the wall and blindfold the kids before they attach the badge to the sheriff. The closest badge placing wins a small prize.

Lasso the horse:

Using a hobby-horse (a toy horse on a stick) and some rope or a hula-hoop, let the little one’s lasso the horse. Simply secure the hobby-horse’s stick end into the ground or a bale of hay, and let the lassoing begin!

Target practice:

Using 6 empty cooldrink cans, make a tower in a 3, 2, 1 configuration. Let the kids shoot at them using a kiddie dart gun (like a Nerf gun) or a toy water pistol.

Round up the sheep:

Using some white balloons, draw a sheep face on each balloon and have the kids swat at them using a flyswatter across a marked off area. The first one to the finish line wins a small prize.

Pass the loot:

Wrap a small prize in layers of newspaper or brown paper. Let the kids sit in a circle and play some cowboy tunes. As the loot is passed around, pause the music and the child holding the loot can unwrap a layer of paper. Continue the game until the prize is uncovered.


Have a awesome cowboy themed birthday party! Yeehaw!



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