Grinch Popcorn Boogers Recipe + FREE Printables

Grinch Popcorn Boogers Recipe -
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Oh boy, the Grinch has come to town! The kids always love all things sugar & spice and all things nice, and that’s exactly what these Grinch boogers are, despite their awful name! They have free printable bags & tags too, which you can grab from the bottom of this post.

My 2021 Christmas treats theme is Dr. Seuss’s The Grinch. Everything Grinch, and everything Whoville! I think this is the best theme, and I’m so excited to share these recipes with you. You can grab all three from the links in this post!

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A quick instruction video on how to make these cute & yummy Grinch themed Christmas treats, with 3 different recipes!

Grinch Popcorn Boogers Recipe

Copyright © 2021 – This original recipe is by Taryn Bloem –

Prep Time: 10 – 15 minutes for the popcorn & sauce


125g Popcorn Kernels
½ Cup Water
1¾ Cups White Sugar
¾ tsp Salt
1½ tsp Lime Green Colorant


Make the popcorn as per the instructions on the packet.

While it’s popping, start making the sugar sauce by placing the water, butter, and sugar into a pot on a stovetop, on a medium heat. Stir continuously until it boils, and then continue stirring & boiling for about 2½-3 minutes.

Add the salt and colorant and stir until it’s an even color.

Place the popped popcorn in a big bowl, you need lots of space to work with this. Pour half the sauce over the popcorn and stir with a spoon (‘cos it’s going to be hot, so be careful)! Then add the rest of the sauce, continue to stir, and get your hands in there like the Hulk, tossing until all the popcorn is coated.

Print the printables, whichever one you prefer (or both), and place the popcorn into bags to keep fresh. Super cool Grinch Boogers, which I know the kids will absolutely love!


Download this printable here

TAGS Page 1: Download & print on white or colored paper or cardboard of your choice.

BAGS Page 2: Print on 22cm X 12,5cm brown paper bags.

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Happy holiday baking!




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