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Whether you’re teaching one-two-three or een-twee-drie, these FREE printable number flashcards will be a great aid to get the job done!

Counting is probably one of the first skills we teach our kiddo’s after they’ve learnt to walk. Whether you chanted it like a mantra every time you walked up and down stairs, or counted their little fingers and toes, we’ve all found that secret method that teaches them to count.

Enter pre-school, and it’s now time for your little one to learn what those numbers look like! So, how do you teach them this skill in a fun and easy way?

Fun ideas for using these FREE printable number flashcards

Besides the normal flash-and-say method of using flashcards, there are lots of other fun ways they can be used. Learning should always be fun, so with that said, here’s some ideas…

  • Play the Memory Game / Pairs by printing 2 sets of the flashcards. As you play, say the numbers aloud when turning them over. Because my FREE printable number flashcards contain numbers 1-100, pick 10 numbers at first and gradually work your way up until your child becomes more familiar with the numbers (don’t overwhelm them).
  • Match the flashcard number to the number chart by printing The Super Moms Club FREE Printable Number Chart. Let your child point to the number shown on the number chart by using their finger.
  • Count out Macaroni for the flashcard number shown. Have a bag of Macaroni handy (they work as great counters) and let your child count aloud until they’ve reached the number shown. This works well if they are learning to count to 20 (counting 100 Macaroni would be a bit much).
  • Write the number that is shown. This is a great way to teach them how to write the number as well. Once they’ve mastered that, you can have them spell it too!
  • Sort the numbers into groups of tens. This is a great way of teaching them to order numbers in groups. Let them place the numbers in groups of ten 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, etc. Once they’ve ordered those, they can further order them into 1,2,3,4,5 or find they can find all the teens, twenties, thirties etc.

Get creative and make teaching them this skill as much fun as possible!

FREE printable number flashcards (PDF)

You can print these FREE printable number flashcards on paper or cardboard of your choice. Use a bright colour, or you could print each group of 10 numbers in a different colour. Cut the flashcards out along the dotted cutting line, and voila… it’s as easy as that!

I hope you have fun and enjoy every second of teaching your little one, and watching them learn & develop!



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