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Everything You Need For This Party + FREE PRINTABLE’S!

Boys in this age group (7-12) love to get rough & tough. A army themed birthday party is loads of fun, and the perfect idea if you’re willing to play sergeant major for a couple of hours while the kids burn off some energy!

I planned this army party for my son a few years back. Many of the moms texted me that evening saying how much their son’s enjoyed the party, and that it was the best party they’d ever attended. So if you’re looking for some great ideas, I’ll hopefully help you plan your way to a kick-butt event, and make your life a little easier with my FREE army themed PRINTABL’S! Can I get a “Yes Ma’am”!

Army Themed Birthday Party Ideas

The Invites

Although many people are texting invites these days, I still prefer the good old fashioned route of giving them out. If you prefer that too, then you’ll love The Supermoms Club Army Themed Birthday Party Invites (PDF) which can be printed on white cardboard or paper. All you have to do is hit print, cut them out and fill out the party details… invites sorted!

Army Themed Bithday Party FREE PRINTABLE Invites - The Super Moms Club
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The Cupcakes

Themed cakes and cupcakes can be really pricey. If you’re looking to trim the budget, baking them yourself is definitely the best option. The Supermoms Club Vanilla Cupcake Recipe is super easy and has a step by step guide to help you through (especially if you’re baking challenged). To theme them out army style, print The Supermoms Club Army Themed Birthday Party Cupcake Toppers (PDF). Once you’ve cut them out, simply glue them to a toothpick or lollipop stick and pop them into the cupcakes. Voila – army themed cupcakes sorted!

If you’d like to make a treats table (like the one I made for this party), you can print The Supermoms Club Party Treats Banner (PDF) and attach it to the table using some string or ribbon once you’ve cut it out. This banner is roughly 1m long.

Army Themed Bithday Party FREE PRINTABLE Cupcake Toppers - The Super Moms Club
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Party Favours

Ration packs are essential for a army themed birthday party. Whether you use paper bags or party boxes, fill them with sweet treats and attach The Supermoms Club Army Themed Birthday Party Rations Tags (PDF) to them. Army Rations sorted!

Tough army boys also need a good drink to quench their thirst! The Supermoms Club Army Themed Birthday Party Cooldrink Labels (PDF) are perfect for any plastic cooldrink or water bottle. Once you’ve printed them, cut them out and secure them to the bottles using glue or double sided tape.

Army Themed Bithday Party FREE PRINTABLE Favour Tags - The Super Moms Club
© The Supermoms Club

Army Themed Birthday Party Games & Activities

Here are a few fun activities and games for a army themed birthday party that are sure to keep the kids entertained for hours…

Obstacle course:

Making an obstacle course is super fun and actually pretty easy. Depending on your garden size, you’ll need to decide how many activities you can squeeze in. Some fun ideas are: toss the beanbag into the bucket, belly crawl under the rope, swing from the tree rope, climb over the barrel, roll the tyre, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, balance on the balance beam & target shooting. Once the kids have completed the obstacle course, they earn their army dog tags (which you can print on white cardboard, punch a hole in the marked area and attach some string through it). Print them from here: The Supermoms Club Army Themed Birthday Party Dog Tags (PDF).

Wounded soldier:

Divide the kids into two groups. The kids choose which soldier is “wounded”. Using a roll of toilet paper, they must “bandage” him up. Once they’ve used the entire roll of toilet paper, they must carry the wounded soldier to a predetermined area. The first team to get their wounded soldier to the area wins!

2 legged race:

Using some old stockings, tie the inside legs of two children together and let the race begin. The first pair to cross the finish line wins a small prize.

Target practice:

Using 6 empty cooldrink cans, make a tower in a 3, 2, 1 configuration. Let the kids shoot at them using a kiddie dart gun (like a Nerf gun) or a toy water pistol.

Water balloon war:

Split the kids into two teams. Each team is equipped with a full arsenal of water balloons and a team flag (which they can make themselves – for another fun activity). The aim of the game is to capture their opponents team flag. The team that successfully captures their opponents flag and returns it to their base wins.

Have a awesome army themed birthday party!



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