Whoville Christmas Tree Rice Krispies Treats Recipe

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With school holidays around the corner, this Christmas Tree Rice Krispies Treats Recipe is the perfect little snack for the kids to get them excited about the upcoming festive season. Kids always love Rice Krispies treats, so I’m almost certain they’ll love these Grinch themed-out cuties even more! Here’s how to make them…

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Whoville Christmas Tree Rice Krispies Treats Recipe

Copyright © 2021 – This original recipe is by Taryn Bloem – thesupermomsclub.com

Cooking Time: 10 minutes

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Yield: 18 Christmas Trees @ 12g each


2 Tbsp. butter
150g packet white/green marshmallows
1½ tsp liquid lime green food colorant
3 cups Rice Krispies
Decorations of your choice (silver sugar balls, stars, chocolate, Astros)


On a medium to low heat on your stovetop, melt the butter in a heavy based pot.

Add the marshmallows and stir until they have melted and combined with the butter. Mini marshmallows melt a lot faster, and they come in all-white packets, so I would probably suggest using them.

Add the lime green food colorant, and give it a stir to get the color distributed evenly.

Remove the pot from the heat, and add the Rice Krispies 1 cup at a time… add 1 cup & stir it in, add 1 cup & stir it in, add 1 cup & stir it in. This is the best method of getting an even coating. It will look like Spiderman came to town in your pot… but the kids will love that! Mix until well combined… you can thank me later for the muscle work out!

Now to shape the Christmas trees…

Let the mixture cool enough so you can handle it without burning you fingers… but you’ll need to work quickly… so if you can handle the heat you can jump right in! To shape each tree, place handfuls of mixture into a Christmas tree shaped cookie cutter, pressing down firmly (especially in the corners).

Melt some white baking chocolate and drizzle in a zig-zag pattern across each tree making a garland. If you don’t have a really small piping nozzle, simply place the melted chocolate into a small zip-lock bag and snip a little hole off the corner… it works perfectly!

Decorate the trees with sugar balls and a big stars (like I did) and some Astros that have been cut in half.

Leave them to set, and then you can let the kids loose on them! Enjoy…

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Happy holiday baking!





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